14-day Ayurveda cure*

Vata-detoxification cure Pitta-relaxation cure Kapha-revitalization cure
6 four-handed oil massages 1 full-body peelings 4 revitalizing massages
front oil castings 4 mud massages 2 ENT-treatments
1 full-body peeling 1 bile- and liver-cleansing 1 brush massage
mud massage 2 akupunkturs 2 full-body peeling
3 akupressur massages  3 akupressur  massages four-handed oil massages
ENT-treatment 1 revitalizing massage 6 intestines tratements
5 intestines tratements 4 four-handed oil massages 1 bile- and liver-cleansing
1 bile- and liver-cleansing 5 intestines tratements
1 brush massage front oil castings head massages
head massages ENT-treatment foot massages
foot massages
1 brush massage stomach massage
stomach massage
head massages 2 akupunkturs
   herbal oil treatments
foot massages 2 akupressur  massages
   herbal steam baths
stomach massage    infrared baths

   herbal steam baths

   infrared baths

Cure price per person
1.680,- EUR
13 nights single room
full board
1.263,- EUR
13 nights double room
full board
per person
964,- EUR


Starting at 7 to 14 day-cure:
medical examination, diagnosis of constitution, health counselling, 
3-day preparation for the cure
* After the diagnosis of the type of constitution, the appropriate cure is selected: 
Vata- or Pitta- or Kapha-cure.